• Warranty


    Great Woods Cabinetry warrants its cabinetry to the original purchaser only, against defects in material or workmanship appearing in the first year after delivery. Should any defects in material or workmanship exist during the applicable warranty period in any Great Woods Cabinetry product, Great Woods Cabinetry will either repair or replace the defective material or component. Due to possible updates and changes made to products and specifications, Great Woods Cabinetry will replace part under warranty with a new part of similar style currently offered and cannot be held responsible for replacement product that may not exactly match original product. The warranty covers only parts and materials of the products supplied by Great Woods Cabinetry. Not covered are costs, including labor to remove and re install materials and related components such as appliances, flooring, countertops fixtures, etc. Natural woods may vary in color and characteristics and may also exhibit subtle changes as they age. As an example, painted cabinets may eventually have visible cracking around the joint areas. Cabinet colors may also change over time. Sunlight, smoke, household cleaners and other environmental conditions may affect the cabinet color over time. These variations are considered to by the nature of the material in relation to their environmental exposure and are not covered under this warranty. Variations in humidity level cause wood and wood products to expand and contract. Great Woods Cabinetry recommends humidity regulation. This warranty will not apply to cabinets damaged by misuse, neglect, abuse, acts of God, exposure to moisture, exposure to extreme temperatures or the effects of normal wear and tear.

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