• Do it yourself remodeling

    If you decided to take matters into your own hands and get that remodeling project done yourself, we would still love to work with you!


    You still need beautiful looking cabinets and Great Woods Cabinetry is here to assist you with your project! Big or small allow us to give you a helping hand by providing you beautiful, custom cabinets you can install yourself!



  • Residential Remodeling

    We always strive for the best.


    What’s a dream home without a dream kitchen? At Great Woods Cabinetry, we strive to bring your design dreams into fruition. With our premium materials and state of the art technology, the kitchen of your dreams is closer than you might think. Our customers agree: our cabinetry is the cornerstone of their new kitchens. We take pride in knowing that the finest Twin Cities Area homes and businesses feature cabinets designed and produced by Great Woods Cabinetry.


    If most people start and end their day in the bathroom, why not spend that time a bit more luxuriously? With our years of experience and expertise, GREAT WOODS CABINETRY knows how to improve your bath through our custom-designed cabinetry. Trust us, beautiful cabinetry makes a world of a difference. Whether your needs are more functional or purely aesthetic, GREAT WOODS CABINETRY keep your satisfaction as our number one goal.


    It’s been said, “Creativity is a natural extension of our enthusiasm.” At GREAT WOODS CABINETRY, we believe this wholeheartedly. We know how hard it is to create something from nothing, let alone something great. This is why we provide our customers with the highest quality of services and products. Since we recognize how critical ones work environment is, GREAT WOODS CABINETRY always strives to help through organization and inspiration.


    With the amount of expertise and technology that Great Woods Cabinetry possess, we have the ability to manufacture practically anything made from wood. From custom mirrors/picture frames, to tables, to any type of freestanding or attached wood pieces, our capability to produce custom millwork is just one reason we stand apart from the competition.

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  • New Project Process

    Initial Client Consultation

    A Great Woods Professional has a conversation regarding the project. This can be done over the phone or email. Whichever the client prefers.

    Site Meeting

    This is where we would meet to discuss the clients needs for the project. It's important for us to really understand what your visions for the project are. After a design discussion, we will take some measurements of the space to provide an accurate quote.

    Drawings & Quote

    After our site meeting, we will send computer generated drawings of your project along with a quote. After receiving the quote and drawings the client can request changes to be made.

    Final Site Measure

    After the design is finalized a final measure of the space will happen to ensure the cabinets are to correct sizing


    All quotes and drawings must be approved to move the project into production


    Our lead time is 3 ½ weeks for an unfinished product and 4 ½ weeks for a prefinished product

    Invoicing & Final payment

    Final payment will be due on the day of installation.


    After install we will follow up to be certain everything meets your expectations

  • See what we can do!



  • See what we can do!